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6.55x ROAS in 60 Days


This client approached us wanting to diversify their marketing & scale through paid ads. They previously had only done influencer marketing and while they had success up to this point, they wanted to expand on their marketing efforts and not rely only on influencer posts for site traffic and sales.

Initially, they were a bit hesitant after hearing all of the FUD about iOS14 and how it’s ruining Facebook advertising. Luckily we let them know there are steps you can take to mitigate the impact on ad accounts, and how we’re still generating amazing results for our clients despite this. Today they’re pretty glad they took the leap and signed with us!

They already had a strong brand, great product-market fit, and their products were selling really well organically too. To us, this meant they had extremely high potential with paid ads, and it meant we could leverage their existing data to get a really strong start with paid traffic even though they hadn’t run a single ad before.

They had all the creatives for us, a strong website that’s converting well, so all we needed to do was implement our extremely efficient media buying system into their business and begin profitably generating sales from new customers for their brand.

This client in particular has been having supply issues, with their best selling designs selling out after only a couple days of running ads for them – so we’re working with them to see what we can do on the supply chain end, as that’s ultimately what’s holding them back from doing $10k+ days in sales. In the meantime, we’re focusing more on profitability and improving their website while this gets addressed.

Our Results after 60 Days

As part of our process to help scale client brands, we also audited their website to see what other tweaks we could make to maximize conversion rates, average order value, and customer LTV.

We ended up implementing bundle upsells, quantity breaks, post purchase upsells, and reviewed their email marketing automations to help make improvements there.

Our media buying system was already extremely efficient at converting new customers, converting those on the fence, and reengaging dormant customers. However, after making tweaks to the website and product offerings, we went from a 4-5 ROAS to 7-8+.

These numbers will be dramatically improved as supply issues are resolved, and we aim to update this case study or publish a new one once we’re able to scale further.

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