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The What the Dog Likes team got tired of seeing store bought or mainstream brands selling "natural" products full of corn meal, by-product fillers, and artificial coloring. With their WTDL Box, you can be sure your pup is getting the best snacks on Earth. They search hard to find the best locally sourced treats with no additives, so you don't have to. Our mission is to feature treats we’ve researched, tasted and chosen all while supporting small businesses.

The team approached us wanting to diversify their marketing & scale through paid ads while also wanting to take their website design to the next level. They previously had only done influencer marketing and while they had success up to this point, they wanted to expand on their marketing efforts and not rely only on influencer posts for site traffic and sales.

Our results after 60 days

Within two weeks, we had fully updated the website design, copy, and checkout flow which immediately resulted in a 2x conversion with no adjustments to marketing efforts.

At the same time, we set up their Facebook marketing funnel campaigns, creative ad sets, and identified the ideal custom audiences to begin testing.

Within 60 days, we were able to optimize the campaigns to achieve a 9x return on ad spend (ROAS) that resulted in $112k in new sales!

We are now anticipating a 14x ROAS within the next 6 months as we continue to work with the WTDL team to further optimize their campaigns and creative.

Check out their site for the best natural treats and chews for your dog!

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