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Simplified Media AR Platform Gets Seed Funding


Remits.io is an intelligent payments platform that eases workload and reduces costs associated with media credit card payments.

“AP Automation” companies send hundreds or even thousands of credit card numbers via email, creating many hours of work to process these cards & reconcile invoices. While this is revenue for AP Automation companies and their clients, it’s a burden for Media Suppliers.

Remits.io aimed to solve this by automatically processing all card payments through secure API integrations with AP automation companies and a 100% dedicated service team.

Our Results

The Remits team came to us to help design their client-facing web platform, website, and pitch deck. Our team of  designers created their website, Remits.io, to help clearly explain the complex service offering. After that, we designed the core functionality of the Admin UI and then created a pitch deck for Seed funding.

Our results:

  • A beautiful and clear service website
  • Full design of the admin web app.
  • Creation of the VC pitch, resulting in a $325 Seed stage raise
  • Creation of the sales deck, resulting in 8 Fortune 500 beta clients

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