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For over 30 years Corporate Spending Innovations has been focused on revolutionizing digital payments. They understand the intricacies of accounts payable and have developed innovative payment solutions that automate and optimize the payment mix, in favor of more efficient and lower-cost payment methods.

When CSI was ready to revolution the travel payments sector, they came to our team to to design and develop native Android and iOS apps for business travelers.

Our Results

We designed a new mobile experience for CSI's travel customers from the ground up, optimizing for both Android and iOS platforms and taking into account all of the security measures needed to stay compliant as a global business.

From there, we built native apps on both platforms and integrated into their existing API for backend logic and data management. When necessary, we also created custom API endpoints to support new functionality.

Today, the platform supports more than 10k+ corporate customers and has processed over $1b+ in spend annually!

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